Insurance Companies - How dh Licence Check can help you


Are you an Insurance Provider?

If you operate in the insurance industry you may be very interested in the services available to you here at DH Licence Check. Today policy applicants who don’t represent their details honestly and those making false insurance claims are having a significant negative effect on brokers’ profits. Of course this also fuels higher premiums, which reduces satisfaction and trust for the majority of honest customers. If you would like to deter fraudulent customers and quickly verify details DH Licence Check can help.

At the point of policy we can check the details submitted and verify a customer’s identity, or not if they are indeed fraudulent. This speedy service could prevent you from granting a policy to someone who is simply trying to take advantage of your business, further damaging the insurance industry in terms of both financial loss and trust.

If you are a broker or an insurance agent and you would like to nip this unfortunate fraudulent trend in the bud, we can certainly help. Feel free to contact us to find out more and we will be able to further discuss how our company can help yours to deter fraud and greatly reduce your risk.

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