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SNAP! Onboarding

dh Licence Check’s unique SNAP! Onboarding tool was created to streamline the licence checking process for companies who check their drivers’ licences on a regular basis.

The traditional approach to licence checking can be frustrating if the mandates are not completed correctly or contain errors such as spelling mistakes. Mandates can be rejected and the whole process can become very labour intensive.

SNAP! Onboarding, which is fully DVLA-approved, cuts though these issues by using a photo of the driver’s licence to accurately capture all the relevant information. The data is shared directly with DVLA and the formal licence check is completed within minutes.

SNAP! Onboarding Benefits

  • Faster, secure and more accurate licence checking
  • Ideal for companies with multiple locations
  • No driver declarations to complete
  • Instant check result returned to the mobile device
  • Available 24/7

SNAP! Onboarding overview

SNAP! Onboarding is ideal for companies that have many different branches or depots, where local managers are responsible for taking on new drivers and are required to check their driving licence before they start work, as part of the organisation’s compliance best practice.

An image of all the licence details is captured with a smartphone’s camera and the driver makes the required declaration and consent for the details to be sent. Once the DVLA confirms the status of the driver, the details are automatically stored on Driver Hire’s dh Licence Check database, which is accessible to authorised managers.

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SNAP! Onboarding is GDPR compliant and approved by the DVLA.

SNAP! Onboarding is a web-based application and can be accessed and used by any mobile device with a camera. Any photos taken of a driving licence are automatically deleted from the device once the process has been completed, so no personal details are stored.

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