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EU Drivers’ Hours

There are regulations in place to protect drivers when it comes to their working and driving time as well as their wellbeing. In April 2007 new regulations were put in place; the EU Drivers’ Hours Regulation – EC561/2006 ensures employers...

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Driver Wellbeing Considerations

As a fleet owner it is important you consider the health and wellbeing of your drivers as a priority when it comes to safety at work. It is important to ensure your drivers and employees are aware of the many...

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HGV Licence Categories and Restrictions

As a fleet owner, it is essential you are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding licence categories for HGVs. Depending on specific vehicle weights and sizes, licence categories can vary. The last thing you want is someone driving your...

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Winter Driving Considerations for Fleets

Winter driving is unpredictable due to the adverse weather conditions often experienced in the UK. Even the most experienced drivers can have trouble driving in these conditions and it can lead to dangerous situations. Winter brings with it the possibility...

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