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How it works

dh Licence Check utilises a bespoke online system that is designed to make licence checking easier than ever.

Getting started

  1. Add your employee details to the system – this can be done via a simple bulk upload, or individually.
  2. Once your employee details have been added, you can use the latest technology to gain driver declarations – take a look at the declaration options we offer.
  3. Now that your employees have completed their declaration, you can:• Carry out instant licence checks
    • Carry out regular, automated licence checks
    • View driver details such as: endorsements, convictions, training records, and much more
    • Report on key data unique to your business by creating a bespoke dashboard

dh Licence Check performs licence checks via a secure real-time link to the DVLA, giving you the ability to complete checks on time, every time. Once declarations have been gained, the permission lasts for 3 years.

In addition to checking licences of your employees, our bespoke system enables you to view the Driver CPC training records of your drivers. With just one click, you can drill-down to see the individual training records of each driver in more detail. You can also view:

  • Mandatory Driver CPC hours completed
  • Mandatory hours remaining
  • Training courses undertaken
  • And much more

Our system also allows you to reserve, book and pay for Driver Hire training courses – once the course is booked, simple allocate your staff to the training they need. This allows you to ensure mandatory training hours are maintained and your business remains compliant.

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