Organisations that require people working for them to drive as part of their work have a legal obligation to monitor their entitlement to drive and verify the validity of their driving licences.

How to ensure you comply with the law

  • Regular Monitoring – Establish an easy to manage formal licence checking policy, including a schedule that is appropriate to the needs of your organisation
  • Rigorous Checks – Ensure that the method you adopt for checking licences is robust and not open to fraud or human error
  • Keep Records – An audit trail showing every check carried out for each driver is essential. A good online system, such as dh Licence Check, will provide this automatically for you

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The obligation to check drivers’ licences covers a wide range of vehicles, and since the abolition of the paper counterpart in 2015, a visual check is no longer possible. If you have any company cars, vans, or privately- owned vehicles being used for business purposes, you need an efficient licence checking system in place.