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Best Price Guarantee – Terms and Conditions

We have the very highest standards when it comes to product quality. We also aim to offer you the best possible price.

  1. If a competitor offers you an equivalent system at a better price per check, sold with the same service conditions, we’ll lower our price to beat their written quote.
  2. The Best Price Guarantee is based on a minimum order of 100 checks.
  3. There must be a written quote from the alternative provider to show the price per check which has been offered.Price Guarantee Star
  4. In order for an alternative quote to be acceptable under the Best Price Guarantee, a written quote must be dated no more than 28 days before the date of the dh Licence Check quote.
  5. You can only use the Best Price Guarantee service once every 12 months.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse to price match if we feel the service being offered by the alternative provider is not equivalent to the service offered by dh Licence Check.
  7. The Best Price Guarantee only applies before the purchase has taken place.
  8. The Best Price Guarantee is offered by DH People Plus Ltd trading as dh Licence Check, Bradford Business Park, Kings Gate, Bradford, BD1 4SJ. dh Licence Check reserves the right to alter the terms or cancel the Price Guarantee at any time.

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