The paper counterpart is history

The paper counterpart is history

18 June 2015

The 8th June has been and gone so the paper counterpart is now history. In the run-up to the abolition date, research conducted by the Freight Transport Association, Fleet News and an online poll from dh Licence Check, in conjunction with Commercial Motor, showed that a high number of respondents were still relying on a visual check of their drivers’ licences.

The paper counterpart is history - how will you check your drivers' licences?Results from the online poll conducted by dh Licence Check in conjunction with Commercial Motor, also revealed that 42.6% planned to use the DVLA single check service ‘share my licence’, 37.7% want to use a multi-check system and the rest will check via the DVLA premium rate phone line.

There has been concern that the DVLA ‘share my licence’ system won’t be able to meet the needs of transport operators who check their drivers’ licences several times a year. This concern looks to be right after the system crashed on its first day and, subsequently has done several times since. This is a single check system, which requires a one-time code (only lasting 72 hours) plus the driver’s licence number to access the driving record. For fleet operators trying to check the licences of multiple drivers, this promises to be an administrative nightmare.

Richard Owen-Hughes, Group Marketing Director at Driver Hire, believes that many operators think the DVLA’s free service will be the most cost effective. However the ‘hidden costs’ of audits and database administration to prove that checks have been made means that in reality, it is likely to be more expensive.

“Our poll showed that 90% of people want first and foremost to ensure compliance. This makes keeping an audit trail all the more important. This kind of secure, detailed online reporting is a key feature of our licence check system,” he said.

dh Licence Check can remove the hassle for busy fleet operators who must check their drivers’ licences several times a year. The system provides an instant overview of all drivers and can be personalised for individual drivers. It provides the peace of mind that there is a secure, permanent audit trail in place.

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