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Speeding driver increase during UK lockdown

22 April 2020

Whilst road traffic volumes are down by 60%, some motorists are exploiting the quieter roads by driving at extreme speeds.

25 of the UK’s largest cities have shown an average drop of 57% in traffic congestion according to data released by TomTom. Whilst roads are certainly quieter, the number of motorist exceeding speed limits has doubled in some parts to the UK since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, increasing the risk of road collisions and for pedestrians taking their daily exercise.

As well as an increase in issued speeding fines, telematics data also shows a rise in alerts sent to speeding drivers since lockdown. According to My Policy Group, telematics and data analytics business, since the COVID-19 lockdown was enforced on 23 March there has been a ‘sharp deterioration in driving behaviour, with a noticeable increase in speeding’.

One motorist recently hit the headlines after clocking 151 mph near London over the Easter weekend. Police units have taken to their social channels to reiterate the message that roads are ‘not a race track’ and that although the traffic volume is different, ‘the speed limit is not’.

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