Increased speeding fines and penalties introduced

Speeding Fines explained

From 24th April speeding drivers face both a big increase in fines and an increased risk of disqualification from driving.

Whats the Speeding fine?

Drivers who are caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone, 51mph in a 30mph zone and 66mph in a 40mph zone now face bigger fines.  These fines in general, start from 150% of their weekly income. The previous figure was 100% of weekly income.

Drivers who really push it and are caught at 101mph in a 70mph zone face a similarly increased fine and a potential driving ban of up to 56 days. It’s also going to be more important than ever to keep an eye on the speedometer in urban driving situations. If you are caught exceeding a 30mph limit by anywhere between 1 and 10mph, you could have 3 points added to your licence and a fine of 25-75% of your weekly income.

Overall the maximum fine for speeding remains at £1,000, unless the offence was clocked on a motorway, where the maximum fine has increased to £2,500.

Why have they been increased?

According to the Sentencing Council for England & Wales, who issue guidelines which, in most cases, courts must follow, the increases have been introduced to reflect a clear increase in the penalty to match the seriousness of offending.

The increases underline the Government’s ‘Think’ road safety campaign to reduce speeding drivers on UK roads. According to its website a pedestrian is four times more likely to be killed if hit by a vehicle travelling at 40mph than one travelling at 30mph.

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