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Licence checking – the grey fleet

16 August 2016

As any self-respecting transport manager knows, if you have employees driving for your organisation for business purposes, you’re legally obliged to ensure that they’re qualified to drive and hold a valid licence for the vehicle they are using. Failure to do so can put your operator’s licence at risk.

CityPress- DriverHire.Pictured, Driving License Check..What some perhaps don’t know is that the same rule applies to the ‘grey fleet’ – that is, employees who use their own vehicle for business purposes. The numbers falling into that category might come as a surprise. According to a survey by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) the UK’s grey fleet comprises 14m – that’s 40% of all vehicles on our roads. Annually they cover 12bn miles a year. That’s a lot of licences to check. And, of course, following the withdrawal of the driving licence’s paper counterpart in 2015, a visual check is no longer possible.

The DVLA offers an online service for carrying out a single check, but checking large numbers of licences this way can be a nightmare. Driver Hire’s ‘dh Licence Check’ is an accredited driving licence checking service, which allows business owners to review their entire fleet or workforce at a glance and uses a traffic light system to highlight any issues. The instant check facility also carries out automated, scheduled checks, while providing a clear audit trail for every process – giving our customers peace of mind that they’re legally compliant.

“We strongly recommend using an accredited licence checking service to keep track of your grey fleet drivers,” says Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive. “Whilst you can still contact the DVLA direct, using their system can be quite time consuming if you have a lot of licences to check. A good licence checking service will provide an authenticated record at the time when the check was made, further reducing any risk of fraud.”

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