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Going under the radar? Drink-drivers and mobile phone users

5 March 2020

Drink drive-related crashes increase and one in six drivers admit to using their phone while driving.

The number of crashes involving a drink driver rose by 4% to 5,900 in 2018 according to provisional figures released by the Department for Transport. Furthermore, an estimated 8,700 people were killed or injured when at least one driver was over the drink-drive limit, an increase of 1% from 8,600 in 2017.

When it comes to mobile phone usage, 1.2m UK drivers had a conversation or messaged on a hand-held mobile device while driving on every journey they took in the past 12 months. The research, carried out on in-vehicle distraction by road safety charity Brake and insurer Direct Line, also revealed that one in six drivers (6.6m UK licence holders) admitted to breaking the law at some point in the past 12 months by using their phone while driving.

Despite various awareness campaigns from THINK! covering both issues in recent years, along with tougher penalties on mobile phone usage introduced in 2017, it seems drink-drivers and mobile phone users are still not getting the message.

How well do you know your drivers, or could they be going under the radar?

Carrying out regular, automated driving licence checks on your fleet using dh Licence Check will give you peace of mind that any driver who has committed an offence is flagged. That’s great for your existing fleet of permanent drivers, but what about when you employ a new driver and need to get them out on the road straight away?

That’s where SNAP onboarding comes in. You can set up and carry out an instant licence check, while the driver is present, from the comfort of your mobile phone.

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