Fifty ways to lose your ‘O’ licence

Well maybe not that many. But, what with tachographs, maintenance inspections, defect reports, driver hours, not to mention health & safety, there are certainly plenty of ways to lose your ‘O’ licence.

And you can add to that list: regular inspections of your drivers’ licences.

Screenshot Magnifier Image - website news sizeChecking driving licences is a legal obligation for all businesses that require employees to drive as part of their job. For transport managers it’s doubly important. Under European legislation, employees driving without a valid licence is one of the Most Serious Infringements (MSIs) operators can be convicted of, putting your ‘O’ licence at risk and seriously affecting future career opportunities.

At one time it was simply a question of checking your driver’s paper counterpart. But, a year ago, the paper counterpart was withdrawn. So now, the only legally acceptable source of a driver’s history, penalty points and disqualification details are the central records held by the DVLA. All of which means licence checking has potentially become a much more time consuming and inconvenient task.

But help is at hand. Driver Hire’s ‘dh Licence Check’ service saves time, money and hassle. It provides users with a comprehensive update, including information on licence categories, restrictions, endorsements, expiry dates convictions, disqualifications and much, much more.

“For thousands of businesses across the UK who employ people who drive — either as their main job or as an essential part of their job — licence checking is a legal requirement,” says Chris Chidley, Driver Hire’s Chief Executive. “‘dh Licence Check’ reduces the risk of fraud and hassle for increasingly hard pressed transport managers.”

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