Paper counterpart deadline announced

DVLA announces paper counterpart deadline date

30 December 2014

The DVLA has confirmed that the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence is being withdrawn and will no longer have legal status from 8th June 2015.

Many thousands of organisations across the UK have people driving for them for business purposes, and for them, driving licence checks are a legal requirement. The announcement of a firm date means that the New Year is the right time to find a better way of carrying out these checks.

How are you checking your drivers licences?The DVLA will be introducing new online services to enable people to carry out individual checks, and the phone and postal check services will continue to be available.

“For many businesses currently using visual checks of the paper counterpart, moving to an online system will offer greater security and reduces the risk of fraud,” says Tony Goacher, from dh Licence Check. “We therefore welcome the DVLA’s announcement. However, it’s really important that people identify the best service for their needs, and systems such as dh Licence Check offer many advantages over the basic system that the DVLA is proposing to introduce.”

He continues: “The DVLA’s new system will still mean a considerable administrative burden for anyone who needs to carry out more than a handful of checks each year. Carrying out, say, three checks a year on a 50-vehicle fleet will require 150 separate checks. It’s also essential that a secure audit trail is maintained. There are several online systems available now, including our own dh Licence Check, which provide a quick, easy and effective way of carrying out regular automatic licence checks across an entire workforce.”

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