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DriveWise the latest service from Driver Hire

25 February 2019

DriveWise is a new service that helps fleet managers understand and reduce their drivers’ exposure to risk through proactive driver profiling, one-to-one in-vehicle coaching and group workshops.

The latest addition to Driver Hire’s portfolio of driver risk management products, DriveWise will complete a profile of your fleet to help you fully understand the relative risk exposure of each of your drivers. As a result, this helps you to take action to address those risks, therefore, improving safety, reducing incidents and helping fleets to gain maximum ROI.

The profiler interprets the data which can include licence checks, incident data, telematics data and any other client specific data. They can then use the results to understand where the highest risks are in the fleet. This can then be used to make a coaching intervention such as one-to-one in-vehicle coaching or group workshops.

Features and Benefits of DriveWise

  • In-depth driver reporting
  • Proactively highlights driver risk profile and shows where interventions may be required
  • Transparent reporting
  • Profile configured to suit your organisation’s specific need
  • No time-consuming online driver assessments
  • Ethical profile based on fact, not opinion
  • Ongoing profiling to help you manage evolving driver risk
  • Profiling in line with insurers’ recommendations
  • Return on investment
    • incident reduction
    • potentially lower insurance premiums
    • reduced driver and vehicle downtime

DriveWise In-Vehicle Coaching & Workshops

  • Innovative driver coaching course developed by industry experts
  • In-car or in-cab coaching available depending on the vehicle driven
  • The Coach will receive the driver report prior to the session
  • Results-focused, one-to-one coaching
  • Half or full-day courses available
  • DriveWise coaches – who have been through our induction
  • Ongoing driver personal improvement plan
  • The workshops covering topics such as
    • Fatigue
    • Mobile phone usage
    • Speed
    • Weather conditions

So as you can see we firmly believe that DriveWise has the potential to improve road safety, reduce incidents and maximise return on investment in your fleet.

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