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Drivers’ licence declarations expiring: Renew them with ease

5 July 2021

It’s been three years since GDPR rules came into effect. If you’re using an automated licence checking service, it’s likely that around that time you gathered declarations from all your drivers to give you ongoing permission to check their licences.

But those declarations are only valid for three years.

You’ll still want to know that all your drivers have a correct, valid licence to drive for work, so renewing their declarations now is a vital step.

With some providers, getting the declarations you need can be hard work. With dh Licence Check, it’s easy – and we believe we can save you money too. (If you’re still checking drivers’ licences manually, or one at a time online via DVLA licence check, let us show you a better way!)

Renew driver declarations with ease

We’ve invested in the latest technology to offer you five different ways to gain the declarations you need from your drivers:

SNAP! Onboarding

Use any mobile device to photograph a driver’s licence, which securely uploads the data into the system, then asks the driver to give permission via text.

Other options include:

  • eDeclaration: Driver is emailed a link to complete the eDeclaration online
  • Text-declaration: Driver sent an SMS message with a link to complete the declaration online
  • Pre-population declaration: Forms prepared for you with driver information, printed locally for drivers to sign/date and then upload
  • Hand-written: If required, blank declaration forms can be supplied for a fully manual process.

Be quick – make the switch and benefit from:

  • Savings: We’ve achieved savings of 50%+ for many new clients (vs previous provider).
  • A great service: Dedicated help desk – we’re just a phone call, chat or email away.
  • System simplicity: All drivers in one place on our easy to read “traffic light” dashboard.
  • Risk profiling: We can profile your drivers using real data to help you spot and reduce biggest risks.

If you’re ready to make the switch, would like to book a free demo or for further information on how we can support you, call a member of our friendly team today on 01274 511 511 or email:

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