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Do you know the cost of manually conducting your Licence Checks via the DVLA?

13 April 2018

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If you are the person who checks the driving licences of the employees in your organisation, you will know that this is a huge responsibility.
Ensuring that employees hold a valid licence is essential administration to ensure your business stays legal and compliant.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that

“It is an offence to drive on a road, a motor vehicle of any class otherwise than in accordance with a licence authorising him to drive a motor vehicle of that class.”


“It is an offence for a person to cause or permit another person to drive on a road a motor vehicle of any class otherwise than in accordance with a licence authorising that other person to drive a motor vehicle of that class.”

As an employer it is your responsibility to make sure that anyone who drives for business, whether it is in a company vehicle, or in their own car (grey fleet), has the correct licence and qualifications and if you have a lot of employees who need to drive on company business checking each licence individually can be a very time-consuming task.

Manual Licence Checks with the DVLA vs using a Third-Party System

It might be “free” to manually check licences through the “share my licence” service on the government website but this ignores the cost of the time it takes to carry out these checks. That’s not to mention the cost of repercussions if mistakes are made and vital information about a driver’s validity to drive is overlooked by a manual process.
Done properly, one licence check on one driver takes approximately fifteen minutes to complete. Just think – if you have 100 drivers and check their licences twice a year, that’s around 3000 minutes, 50 hours or 7 working days.


Imagine if you have more drivers or if your company policy states you have to conduct checks more frequently?

How is a Manual Check Conducted?

Every single time a manual licence check is to be performed on a driver, the following process will be undertaken:
1. Employer requests a “share my licence” access code from the employee.
2. Employee logs on to the government website and generates the one time only security access code (which is only valid for 21 days) and passes this onto the employer.
3. Employer then logs onto the government website and enters part of the employees driving licence and the access code.
4. The result of the licence check is then returned on screen and the person responsible for checking the licence will need to carefully read and inspect this result for endorsements, restrictions, expiry dates etc. This process is wide open to human error, especially for a large volume of checks.
5. The results will need to be recorded in the organisation’s database or spreadsheet which will need to be GDPR compliant and is open to fraud. This spreadsheet will need to be manually maintained each time a licence check is undertaken.

There are no reminders, alerts, warnings or scheduled rechecking, it is all down to the person responsible to ensure that this process is correctly completed each time a check is required.

You or a colleague must perform this routine on a regular basis and take necessary action as well as maintaining and updating the central database. With a non-automated system, errors and failures WILL happen. Checks can be accidentally missed and delayed due to holidays or sickness which may mean that share codes expire and the process has to start again.

Third-Party Systems

Alternative systems such as dh Licence Check, help to remove the headache and complexity of conducting regular licence checks completely. Once consent from the employee has been obtained, this is then valid for 3 years and you as the employer, are then free to check the driver’s licence, as frequently as you require.
This system gives employers complete peace of mind that checks are conducted in the background with the results of all employees available to review at a glance in one simple dashboard view.

How do we do this?

We have a contract with the DVLA which enables us to provide licence checking services to our clients via our online dashboard dh Licence Check. We work with the DVLA to receive real-time data on your employees driving licences in line with the frequency of check you specify for each person. So, if you have that employee who is also known as “Speedy”, or the amount of times he/she has been flashed by a speed camera you can set up more frequent checks to keep a closer eye on his/her validity to drive.

What does this cost?

You purchase a number of credits which are then added to your balance within your secure online dashboard. Each time a check is conducted the balance reduces and once used you simply request a top up from your account manager.

Is it about time you changed your processes to protect your business?

We hope you have found this information helpful. Have a think about how your business is currently checking drivers’ licences, and if you agree that there is a better way, give us a call.
For more information on how the licence check system works watch our online demo or contact our team on 01274 511511

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