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Checking drivers licences via the Government website?

15 July 2018

Here we compare on our simple infographic below, the process of checking your employees’ entitlement to drive via the Government website “Share my Licence” vs dh Licence Check.

An infographic depicting that dh Licence Check's service saves business time and money.

It might be free to manually check licences through the “share my licence” service on the government website but it definitely doesn’t come without a “cost”.

Take a look at our infographic and understand the “true cost” of checking your employees’ entitlement to drive.

How long does it take?

We estimate that it takes a combined total of 15 minutes to check each employee, right from requesting the code from your driver through to transferring the results onto your manual records and that’s without chasing the driver more than once to generate the code!

With dh Licence Check once the system is implemented, it works in the background checking your drivers’ licences as regular as you configure and adds the alerts to your dashboard, so you can see at a glance the issues you need to deal with instantly. The records are held in the system and can be downloaded into excel formats, without the need to interpret and manually enter this information.

Using “View my Licence”? You are breaking the law!

If you are using “view my licence” this is the incorrect process. View my licence is solely for individuals to check the status of their own licence. It’s unlawful to obtain the details of someone’s driving licence in this way. By generating a code through “share my licence” the driver is giving you permission to access their record.

What is the true “cost” to check my driver’s entitlement to drive?

1. Cost of time taken to manually request “share my licence” codes from your drivers. Then the time taken to chase this. This has to be done each time a check is required.

2. Cost of time taken to manually check the licence once the code has been received.

3. Cost of time spent manually entering the information into a manual database.

4. Cost of ensuring manual records are stored correctly according to the General Data Protection Regulation guidelines.

5. Cost of misinterpreting the results and lack of understanding. Potentially letting a driver continue to drive when they may be disqualified or have a number of points above your company policy. This could lead to the prosecution of the company if the driver is involved in an incident where the authorities are involved.

Take a look!

Hopefully, we have convinced you of many reasons why you should use a system such as dh Licence Check, there is only one thing to do next, take a look at our free demo and see for yourself. Book yours here




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