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Survey Reveals 7000 Motorists Driving with 12 Points on Licence

28 January 2016

Data obtained by online licence verification specialist dh Licence Check has revealed that just one in 14 UK drivers has points on their licence – yet thousands of licence holders are still legally driving on Britain’s roads despite having 12 or more points.

According to the DVLA figures, released following a Freedom of Information request, some 2.9million drivers across the UK have points on their licence. Of these, a total of 6,884 drivers with 12 points or more are still legally driving on Britain’s roads – the usual limit before a driver is issued with a driving ban unless a court accepts a submission of “exceptional hardship”.

Legal Issues

While 93 per cent of Britain’s licence holders have a clean licence, the data was unable to reveal the number of people driving vehicles that are not included on their driving licence. This is a legally required check for any business employing people to drive commercially. Drivers may keep their licence hidden if they have points on their licence

Importance of Licence Checking

Chris Chidley, CEO of dh Licence Check parent company Specialist People Services (SPS), said: “Despite some eye-catching regional variations, Britain’s roads are some of the safest in the world. This is underlined by the overall picture, with just one in 14 drivers having any points at all on their licence.

Nevertheless, the data we uncovered demonstrates that no one can be complacent about the roadworthiness of drivers. This is particularly important for businesses that have people on the road as part of their job. It is vital that firms carry out regular and rigorous checks of licences, not just to monitor penalty points (and sadly, not every professional driver is totally upfront about these) but also to ensure workers have the correct licence for the vehicles they drive. This is one of the hidden dangers often overlooked by employers. Significant extra work and cost is created for the employer whenever a member of your team is unable to drive due to an invalid licence – whatever the cause”

The dh Licence Check system, developed by Driver Hire, is an online licence checking service, which automatically provides employers with a comprehensive update on an employee or potential employee’s roadworthiness. This includes information on licence categories, restrictions, endorsements, expiry dates, conviction dates and disqualifications. It can also be configured to align with a company’s policies and procedures including frequency of checks and how infringements are classified.

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