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Key Benefits of using dh Licence Check

dh Licence Check is an online driving licence checking system designed with you in mind. Using our system to check your drivers’ licences eases the administrative burden, while saving you time and money in the process.

Using dh Licence Check offers you a number of key benefits;

Instant overview of all drivers
Use the ‘traffic light’ view on the worker dashboard to review the current status of each of your drivers at a glance. Red and amber alerts instantly identify any areas of concern.

Personalised view of each driver
Whenever you need a closer look at an individual driver, one click takes you to a more detailed licence overview, with specific information on licence categories and endorsements.

Individual driver customisation
When you start using dh Licence Check you choose how frequently to make your required checks, you choose which endorsements should be flagged as low, medium or high risk and you choose the right settings to ensure a perfect fit for your business. It’s easy to adjust these settings at any time to take into account any individual driver circumstances, such as medical conditions, higher risk profile, insurance requirements and so on.

Permanent, secure online audit trail
As well as carrying out your licence checks, you need to prove that this has taken place. dh Licence Check provides an instant record of every check that you carry out. The system also saves the exact details of every check for every driver and the date they took place, providing you with a secure, comprehensive and transparent audit trail. This hugely reduces the administrative burden associated with carrying out single checks online or by phone

Instant checks and paperless declarations
As well as your regular scheduled checks, see the status of any driver in real time with our Instant Check service.

The task of obtaining declarations to carry out the checks from your drivers has been made much easier too, with our eDeclaration system. Once confirmed, and whether obtained online or on paper, each declaration is valid for three years or as long as the driver works for your business.

No software to purchase or install
With our software you only pay a price per check, and the system is entirely web-based. You’ll be pleased to know there’s no user training required and the initial set up is quick and easy. You are able to choose your own default settings (such as frequency of checks or alert triggers) and create templates for different driver types, locations and much more.

Direct data feed from DVLA
Your driver data is accurate and secure. dh Licence Check is a fully accredited DVLA licence checking bureau and a member of the ADLV. Fully protected data is delivered directly to you via a secure direct link to the DVLA database.

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