dh Licence Check and the Data Protection Act (1998)

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eConsent LogoWe, Driver Hire Group Services Limited, trading as dh Licence Check, (‘DHGS’) take the security of your personal data extremely seriously. We recognise our responsibilities in this area and hope that you will find the following notes helpful.

Who is responsible for your personal data under data protection laws?

This responsibility rests with the data controller(s). This is the person or body who decides the purpose(s) and way in which your personal data will be processed in connection with dh Licence Check.

Where a data controller engages a third party to process personal data on their behalf, strictly on their instructions and only for the data controller’s purposes, the third party is a data processor. A data processor is not responsible, under current data protection laws, for the processing of your personal data but will have certain contractual obligations to the data controller(s) on whose behalf they are processing your personal data.

Driver checks may be carried out in a variety of contexts such as vehicle hire, or the engagement of a driver as an employee, contractor or volunteer. This will be apparent from the circumstances in which you agree to the check(s) being carried out.

  • Where DHGS carries out the licence check(s) acting as intermediary for a third party organisation, we will be a data processor
  • Where we carry out the check(s) on our own behalf (for example when checking drivers who are working for Driver Hire) DHGS will be a data controller
  • In either situation, DVLA will also be a data controller

If you have any questions about how your personal data is handled by DVLA or a third party organisation as a data controller, or you wish to exercise your data protection rights in relation to them, you should please contact them directly.

How will my personal data be processed?

DVLA will only hold, use and disclose the personal data that you provide through the dh licence check(s) for the purpose of the driver check(s) in question.

The organisation on whose behalf the check(s) is/are made (such as your employer, for example) is responsible for providing you with details of any additional purposes or ways in which driver check information will be processed, and what this means for you.

Where DHGS carries out driver checks on its own behalf

DHGS will notify you separately of when and why we consider it appropriate to carry out the driver check(s), and what this means for you.

We may also use and disclose the details you provide through the applicable licence checking and electronic consent websites, and the resulting information from your driver check(s) as follows:

  • When engaging a third party service provider, contractor or adviser in the conduct of our business (under an appropriate contractual arrangement as explained above).
  • Where selling, merging or re-organising our business (this may involve providing prospective buyers and their and our professional and legal advisers with your personal details – this would be under appropriate confidentiality arrangements). In the event of a transfer of business to another party, that other party will continue to use your personal data in the same ways as referred to in this section of the Privacy Policy.
  • Where requested by police and other law enforcement agencies and DHGS considers it appropriate to do so, or is otherwise legally required to provide the information, or where we consider it appropriate to do so to protect our business, staff or customers.
  • If any the above activities involve your personal data being processed in countries outside the EU, appropriate safeguards will be put in place to protect it in such countries.

You have a right to ask DHGS in writing and upon payment of a fee of £10, whether we process your personal data and if so, subject to certain exceptions, to be provided with a copy of it. If you consider any of your personal data that we hold through the applicable licence checking and electronic consent website(s) to be inaccurate or out of date, please let us know.

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time so please click on the Privacy Policy link provided each time you return to the applicable licence checking and electronic consent website(s).

If you have any questions about how DHGS, in its capacity as a data controller, handles your personal data, or you wish to exercise your data protection rights with us, including access to or correction of your details, please contact us at:

Email: eservices@driverhire.co.uk
Telephone: 01274 511 511
Address: Driver Hire Group Services Ltd, Bradford Business Park, King’s Gate, Bradford BD1 4SJ


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