New Features to dh Licence Check Dashboard

Dh Licence Check is pleased to announce that Driver CPC details and Digital Tacho Card expiry checks are now available on our dh Licence Check dashboard service.

dh licence check dashboard

Around 1.2 million drivers who have a digital tachograph card and or Driver Qualification Card will now be able to share the validity of their documents via the consent process on completion of a new driver mandate or e-consent form.

This is a great new feature for current users of the system or those looking to use an automated licence checking system because it means that the details of these cards can be shown in addition to the driver’s current licence details from within the dh Licence Check dashboard. This is especially relevant to those businesses who employ professional drivers in their organisation.

The DVLA have made this available to users of the Access to Driver Data (ADD) API because of a survey conducted in 2016 by the Association for Driving Licence Verification. There has always been a lot of interest from businesses to have this information available at their fingertips and the survey showed that 91% of respondents wanted this data available and that it would help with their business processes, not to mention significantly reducing risk, ensuring drivers are trained before their Driver CPC card expires and contributing to improving road safety.

How will you see this information?

Current users of the system will notice that a new traffic light column has been added to the My Workers overview in the dashboard, called CPC/Tacho.

dh Licence Check Dashboard Overview

When the user clicks on the individual’s driver licence screen an additional tab will now be shown, which shows the Driver CPC Card and Driver Tachograph Card valid from and to dates.

An overview of the dh Licence Check dashboard used for checking driver's licences.


You can create a new template which can then be applied to your dashboard with the following fields for each available for configuration.

CPC Checks
  • CPC card Missing
  • LGV Date Expired
  • LGV Date Expires within ?? days (number of days set as per the user’s requirements)
  • No LGV Date
  • No PCV Date
  • PCV Date Expired
  • PCV Date Expires within ?? days (number of days set as per the users’ requirements)
  • Valid from Date in future
Tacho Checks
  • Damaged Tacho Card
  • Tacho Card Invalid
  • Lost Tacho Card
  • Card Malfunctioning
  • Card Missing
  • Tacho Card reported stolen
  • Valid From Date in Future
  • Valid to Expires within ?? days (number of days set as per the users’ requirements)
  • Valid to date Expired


The system will alert users to potential issues arising from the latest checks with the DVLA ddh Licence Check dashboard alertsatabase. It will display this as a red or amber warning in the dashboard overview and there will also be an additional warning triangle against the CPC and Tacho tab in the Individual Driver view.

The user can then raise the alert with the driver and therefore ensure that the issues are recorded and rectified to ensure the business remains compliant.


Existing customers – What do you need to do?

If this isn’t switched on for your dashboard currently then please contact our eServices support team to get this switched on. You will need to ensure that your drivers have ticked the CPC and Tacho details on their D906 or eDeclaration form and if so we can get these alerts added on for you.

New Customers

The declaration process for this will be completed as part of the initial implementation. Your preferred option for gaining fair declaration will, therefore, be discussed as part of the process.

For more information on this please contact us.