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dh Licence Check – the system

dh Licence Check is a directly licensed DVLA Licence Checking bureau, not a third party service provider. Our direct connection to DVLA data means you can be sure the information you see is exact.

How does the dh Licence Check system work?

Uses the universally recognised traffic light system

  • Gives you an instant view of your drivers and the results of their licence checks

Adjust settings to fit your business needs

  • You choose how frequently to make your required checks
  • You choose which endorsements should be flagged as low, medium or high risk
  • You choose the right settings to ensure a perfect fit for your business

Clear, permanent audit trail

  • The results of every check you make are stored & recorded online, providing you with a comprehensive, transparent audit trail

No software installs required

  • 24-hour online access
  • You can login and check your data any time, anywhere

Fulfils legal obligations

  • The system regularly checks your drivers’ licences, removing the need for you to frequently chase them and having to rely on their honesty to provide accurate and up to date documentation. dh Licence Check can help you ensure that all your drivers are driving legally

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