Driver Hire’s driver risk management division, also offer a range of other online services in addition to online licence checking. One of these services is a suite of online eLearning modules. These are specifically designed to help our customers up skill drivers and improve the quality of their fleet.

eLearning example

That’s why we’ve used our 30 years in the industry – and the experience of having thousands of drivers out working for Driver Hire daily – to develop our suite of eLearning courses.

Covering topics such as Safe Manual Handling, Vulnerable Road Users, Drivers’ Hours and RT(WT)R and Company Car Drivers the courses are designed to help you, our customer increase profits, reduce running costs and help demonstrate compliance.

Online eLearning also provides the ability to quickly and easily assess driver’s knowledge, not only at induction but throughout their employment. They are quick and easy to complete but will identify gaps in knowledge and highlight where additional training may be needed.

Delivered by our bespoke Learning Managment system, managers are also provided with a report so they can track learning progress and view the results.

How does eLearning work?

Once the module has been purchased an access code will be issued along with a link to the eLearning website. The course can be taken anywhere there is an internet connection. Candidates work through each course, learning the specific subject areas through video, games and other interactions.

Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and all training carried out is recorded.

You will be provided with a detailed report, which demonstrates that you have a formal review process in place for your drivers.

If you would like to find out more about our eLearning call a member of our team today to find out more on 01274 511 511.