Drivers keeping their driving licence points a secret from their employers

Would you be surprised to learn that only one in ten drivers would tell their employer if they received penalty points on their licence whilst driving?

A survey by RAC Insurance has revealed just that. The survey also uncovered that 18% of all motorists wouldn’t inform their insurer if they acquired penalty points whilst driving, and 25% of motorists surveyed who already had penalty points, didn’t inform any organisation when they received them.

TrafficThis can be extremely dangerous, the implications of not declaring penalty points could mean a void insurance policy and hefty penalties from the police. Should they be involved in another road collision, they could potentially face further penalty points, unlimited fines and be disqualified from driving altogether.

RAC Insurance Director Mark Godfrey said; “Our research points to one of two likely scenarios: either motorists are simply forgetting to inform the relevant authorities when they receive points, or they are intentionally not telling them in order to keep their insurance premium lower.

“In either case, the result is hundreds of thousands of drivers on our roads who are effectively uninsured by default. This could have very serious, and indeed costly implications should they be involved in an accident, and could cause no end of problems should they need to make an insurance claim themselves.”

dh Licence Check is a fully accredited DVLA licence checking bureau that allows businesses to check the status of their drivers in real time. So regardless of whether your employees reveal their full driving history with you, you’ll always be in the know.

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